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Contact Us

Contact us on 0770444778 or send an email to

If you cannot manage to post offers, deals, coupons and freebies on your own on this website, please send the following details to

  1. Name of your business
  2. Location of your business ( town, street/road name, building, floor, door no)
  3. Description of your business
  4. The offer/deal/discount/freebie you are giving. Mention the product or service on offer. 
  5. What percentage are you giving? 20% off, 30% off, 50 off% or 90% off or is it a buy 2 get one free? Is it a clearance sale? Make your offer clear.
  6. Share images of your offer product/service
  7. A link to your website, social media page or blog
  8. When should the offer start and when should it end. Give the dates
  9. Your business contacts ( email and phone number)

Reach to us via email or phone during the day from 9AM to 4PM, Monday to Friday. We are open for inquiries, support and partnerships. 

Phone: 0770444778